Tre Cancelle Farmhouse 

Day Trip To Rome

If you come and stay with us at Tre Cancelle Farmhouse you really can’t miss the opportunity of taking a Day Trip to Rome.

Visit the Vatican in Rome
Visit the Roman Forum in Rome Italy
Rome Italy by Night
Visit the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome Italy
Visit the Arch of Constantine in Rome Italy
Visit the Spanish Steps in Rome

How To Get To Rome From Itri

If you are thinking of planning a Day Trip to Rome we generally suggest to guests that they take the train to Rome and avoid the hassle of driving in, having to find somewhere to park and then having to pay for parking.  It is much easier to just take the train. Compared to the UK the price of train tickets in Italy is much more reasonable, and in our limited experience trains seem to generally run on time.  A cheap day return ticket currently costs just 13.50 euros for adults (this would be less for children).

Itri Train Station is situated approximately 3 to 4 km from the centre of Itri along the Via Appia, heading South towards Formia / Gaeta / Naples.  We can organise to drop you off at Itri Station by prior agreement. Please Note – There is no Ticket Office at Itri. If you ask us and we will tell you where you can buy your tickets in advance.  

More regular train services run from the larger station of Formia, which is just a few more minutes drive away.

Train Station in Itri Italy
Train Station in Itri Italy

To get to Rome Termini Station, Rome’s main  railway station, you need to purchase a BIRG Day Return Ticket or Biglietto Integrato Regionale Giornaliero, which is suitable for travel within the region of Lazio.  This ticket also includes free travel on public transport CO.TRA.L Buses, and on the Metro / Underground in Rome.

Please note – This ticket is not suitable if you intend travelling into different regions, such as Campania.

Also this ticket is valid only for Regional trains, so if you take the faster Intercity you will have to buy a supplementary ticket at Formia station. Please Note – The Intercity does not stop at Itri station.

If travelling from Itri Station:  tickets must be purchased in advance at a Tabacchaio (Tobacconist Shop) – there are several in Itri town centre or on the Via Appia.  Just remember that on the day of travel you must validate the ticket at the small machine at the station before boarding the train.

On the return journey to Itri we advise you to sit in one of the first 6 or 7 carriages, as the platform at Itri is somewhat short.  We ourselves have experienced leaping into the dark, down onto the track-side, on returning late one evening !!!

Please also Note:  Nowadays you are obliged to carry photo ID, in the form of your passport, when travelling on trains, so make sure you take your passport or Photo ID with you.  The conductor may well ask to check this.

Visit the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Visit the Colosseum in Rome
Visit the Vatican in Rome

Getting Around Rome

If you don’t know your way around Rome we have found that taking an Open Top Bus Tour of  Rome to first get a feel for the layout of the Eternal  City is very useful. It’s a good idea to do the whole route of the tour and note the places you would most like to visit. Then on the next circuit you make good use of the hop on hop off ticketing system. 

A Useful Article about the Different Tour Buses That Operate in Rome

Day Trip to Rome
Visit the Roman Forum in Rome Italy
Visit the Pantheon in Rome

If you are feeling more confident, you can of course use the public transport system in Rome in the form of buses and the Metro underground system which are included in your Day Return Ticket.

N.B. Security of Personal Items.  As with many large cities, pickpockets do operate, so please stay aware and take care not to fall victim.  Previous guests were caught on the Rome Underground, and one hears stories of handbags being pinched from cafe tables whilst you relax with your cappuccino. Hopefully fore-warned is fore-armed.