Tre Cancelle Farmhouse Apartments

 Near Sperlonga’s Sandy Beaches and the Historic town of Itri in South Lazio Italy

Free Climbing in Sperlonga and Gaeta

The rocky coastline and formidable limestone cliffs near to Sperlonga / Gaeta in South Lazio are perfect for Free Climbing. Indeed it is a paradise for enthusiastic Free Climbers from all around the world. Due to the mildness of the climate the best period for climbing in this area is between the months of October and May, as during the summer it becomes a little too hot.  Along the coastline and the Via Flacca that runs between Sperlonga and Gaeta, there are numerous breath-taking rock faces to explore such as the Sperlonga Classica, the Pareti di Avancorpi,  the Muro Bianco, the Parete di Chiromante, Mura di Amarcord. Meanwhile even more special is the stretch of beach known as La Spiaggia Dell’Arenauta. This is perhaps the most beautiful wild and natural beach in this region. The beach is not visible from the coast road and is only accessible via a long stairway known as the 300 Gradini or 300 Scaline.  Here towering cliffs with rocky crags and overhangs, rise straight from the natural golden sandy beach.  Then there are even more challenging climbs with overhangs inside the cave known as La Grotta  Dell’Arenauta. There are a choice of routes which are graded according to levels of technical ability.

Free Climber Climbing in Sperlonga Italy
Free Climber Climbing in Gaeta Italy
Free Climbing in La Grotta Dell'Arenauta in Sperlonga Italy
Free Climbing Cliffs in Sperlonga Italy
Free Climbers Climbing Cliffs in Sperlonga Italy
Coast of Sperlonga Italy
Free Climbing in La Grotta Dell'Arenauta in Sperlonga Italy
Free Climbers in La Grotta Dell'Arenauta in Sperlonga Italy
Holiday Beautiful Coast of Sperlonga Italy

On Monte Moneta near Sant’Agostino Beach and in Gaeta, on the cliffs of the rocky headland known as  Monte Orlando and  La  Montagna Spaccata. Here there are more challenging climbs such as the Grotta del Turco, the Via del Camini and the sectore Beatrice.

This area is a unique meeting place for free climbers from all around the world,  where they can share their passion for the sport of free climbing, work together in collaboration, share different experiences and make new friendships and forge special bonds.

Thanks to : Michäel, Marin, Martina, Vojtech, Jan, Anna, Kajub, Jarek and Mariola for sharing their photos with us.

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